For Government

Some of the most important decisions that governments need to make revolve around how to plan, build, and manage physical infrastructure. Effective government decisions are those that keep an eye of the triple bottom line by achieving social, environmental, and economic benefits.

Concrete thoughts:

  • Advanced lifecycle assessment tools help governments plan projects accurately and with a keen understanding of the total cost of ownership.
  • The production of concrete keeps people employed in communities throughout Manitoba and across Canada.
  • Concrete is the most reliable building material for roads, bridges, sewer systems, and buildings.
  • Concrete is an environmentally friendly alternative. It lasts long, it makes buildings more energy-efficient, and it requires fewer repairs.
  • The concrete industry works closely with government to improve environmental standards in the industry.
  • Environmental standards in the industry are advancing continuously. The industry is an important partner in helping the governments of Manitoba and Canada meet their greenhouse gas emission targets.

Manitoba’s best building solutions are concrete solutions.


Concrete Manitoba is the authoritative and trusted voice of the province’s ready-mix concrete industry.

The association proudly champions concrete as a versatile, sustainable, durable, and economical building material. On behalf of our dynamic industry and our extraordinary membership, Concrete Manitoba shares information and builds relationships with government, architects, designers, developers, environmental groups, and the general public.