For Trades

Your best work should last forever. Concrete buildings, roads, and other infrastructure projects perform exceptionally well for the long term. They require little maintenance and they can meet a designer’s highest expectations. New innovations in concrete production are providing architects, designers, and developers with greater flexibility in their projects and budgets.

Concrete thoughts:

  • As an environmentally friendly product, concrete is a key component in the pursuit of LEED certification. Concrete adds 20 points in the certification process.
  • Concrete is highly fire resistant.
  • Advanced lifecycle assessment tools help architects, designers, and developers plan projects accurately and with a keen understanding of the total cost of ownership.
  • For developers, pervious (porous) concrete can be used for sidewalks and parking surfaces to recharge groundwater, thereby eliminating the need for expensive retention ponds.
  • Concrete withstands natural disasters and extreme weather events better than any other building material.

Manitoba's best building solutions are concrete solutions.

Concrete Manitoba is the authoritative and trusted voice of the province’s ready-mix concrete industry.

The association proudly champions concrete as a versatile, sustainable, durable, and economical building material. On behalf of our dynamic industry and our extraordinary membership, Concrete Manitoba shares information and builds relationships with government, architects, designers, developers, environmental groups, and the general public.