Why Concrete?

Concrete has been the world's most trusted and most widely used building material for many hundreds of years. From the Roman Coliseum to Hoover Dam to streets and skylines everywhere, concrete is the building material upon which our civilization is built.

Concrete thoughts:

  • Concrete simply lasts. It is durable and safe. Concrete is never affected by mould and it can withstand natural disasters and major weather events better than any other building material.
  • Concrete contributes nearly $3 billion to Canada's gross domestic product. Canadians trust concrete and our economy depends on it.
  • The concrete industry innovates continuously. The material is becoming more versatile and more environmentally friendly all the time – throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Concrete is produced all over Canada, creating jobs across the country. It is fundamentally a local product to meet local needs.
  • According to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, three tons of concrete for every person on earth is used every year.
  • It is the best-performing material for road construction. It has a longer lifespan than asphalt and requires fewer repairs and less maintenance.
  • Concrete is a cost-effective solution for major projects that need to last and perform for the long term.

Manitoba’s best building solutions are concrete solutions.

Concrete Manitoba is the authoritative and trusted voice of the province’s ready-mix concrete industry.

The association proudly champions concrete as a versatile, sustainable, durable, and economical building material. On behalf of our dynamic industry and our extraordinary membership, Concrete Manitoba shares information and builds relationships with government, architects, designers, developers, environmental groups, and the general public.